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Welcome to this digital scholarly edition of one of Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections

This is an open access scholarly digital edition of Sir Hans Sloane's manuscript catalogue of the section of his collections known as ‘MS 3972B’. This is a bound manuscript volume held at the British Library and containing numbered entries that list and describe a number of the manuscripts collected by Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) between the 1680s and the 1750s.

This digital scholarly edition has been produced as part of the Leverhulme Trust funded research project Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections, a grant held at the British Museum in association with the Department of Information Studies and Centre for Digital Humanities University College London. Further information about Sir Hans Sloane's collections and catalogues across the British Museum, the British Library and the Natural History Museum, London can be found on the Reconstructing Sloane website: www.reconstructingsloane.org

There are four other open access digital scholarly editions of Sloane’s manuscript catalogues available via www.reconstructingsloane.org:

  • Miscellanea is a bound manuscript volume in the care of the British Museum and containing individual separate catalogues titled ‘Miscellanies’; ‘Antiquities’; ‘Seals’; ‘Pictures’; ‘Mathematical Instruments’; ‘Agate Handles’ and ‘Agate Cups, Bottles, Spoons’ with indices to the ‘Seals’ and to the ‘Mathematical Instruments’.
  • Fossils I is a bound manuscript volume in the care of the Natural History Museum London and containing the individual separate catalogues titled ‘Coralls’, ‘Serpents’, ‘Echini’, ‘Crustacea’, ‘Starrfishes’ and ‘Humana’.
  • Fossils V is a bound manuscript volume in the care of the Natural History Museum London and containing the individual separate catalogues titled ‘Fishes’, ‘Birds’, ‘Eggs’ and ‘Quadrupeds’.
  • MS 3972C Vol. VI is a bound manuscript volume in the care of the British Library and containing a catalogue of books and printed ephemera.
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MS 3972 B
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